a poem to my sister

I know now

Hey my love,
I hope you feel alright,
I know it’s been a while,
Since I looked into your eyes.

I know you miss me,
And I know it is not fair.
Our bond was always strong,
And now that I am away.
But I will see you again,

That’s for sure.

There’s no need to be anything but free,
No reason why you should not believe,
You used to call me your fish,
To comfort me. Now I tell you,
I promess you will be alright.

Hey my sweetheart,
No need to feel alone.
Just because I’m not aroud,
To share our inside jokes.

Just write down the things you want to do when I return,
And of course I’ll show you,
Everything that I have learned.

You remember when you asked me,
Why is the sea salty?
I know now,
It is because a fish cried baby.

See you again, that’s for sure.
No matter how many doors are closed,
I will follow the way, knocking at your door,
perform my duties as I should.

You know you’re brave,
You know you’re smart!
You know you’re beautiful.

You know I love you.

One day I am sure,
You will know,
The One I left for.


Une réflexion sur “a poem to my sister

  1. Magnifique poème! j’té laissé mon mail, car j’espere prendre contact avec toi puisque je vois que le seigneur est avec toi! N’hésite pas a me répondre tu m’as donner envie d’en connaitre plus par ton témoignage et tes révélations. Merci 🙂


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